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Treatment methods

One of the key points in drug and alcoholic addictions are methods.


Addiction treatment methods

Just like life, what works for someone might not work well or work for another. There are several treatment methods for different addictions. A treatment plan may work well for a person and to another it may yield no effect. There has been a lot going on about addiction treatments as a lot of people including the addicts and the community at large believe in so many unrealistic and dangerous myths about addiction.

So many believe that addiction can be conquered through several means like the “suffering withdrawal syndrome”; so they call it. People believe that an addict has to be punished in order to prevent him/her from going back to the use of the substance. Apart from this, we’ve had people express their belief that only one out of every ten drug addicts is capable of overcoming his addiction and living a normal life again. Some even are deeply rooted in thinking that every form of clinical treatment is completely useless and can’t do anything about it.

Of course all of these beliefs are wrong because there are treatment methods that have been proven to help addicts come out of the “evil dungeon” of addiction. There are many good addiction treatments, but no single method is right for everyone. Any method might help one person and be useless to another.

Success in addiction overcoming is choosing a personal treatment model that is appropriate. Treatment methods include not only educational sessions but therapy sessions as well. These sessions have the primary aim of getting the addict to sober up and to try to prevent what is commonly known as relapse. This can be done in individual, family or group sessions. The programs are available in form of:

In-patient Treatment
This kind of addiction treatment involves isolating the addict from outside pressures so that he/she can concentrate on overcoming the addiction. It also involves a lot of activities and therapy sessions in controlled environments. These activities are planned and monitored with the intention of showing the patient how to live without alcohol and drugs.

Outpatient Drug-Free Treatment
This form of treatment involves a wide variety of techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy, problem solving groups, along with 12-step programs which have demonstrated to be mostly effective with addicts seeking drug rehab. There is usually a lot of emphasis on group counseling in many outpatient treatment programs.

Medical Detoxification Treatment
This addiction treatment method is used only for very severe cases where detoxification is required. In case of medical detoxification treatment, the patient is withdrawn from the addicting drug under the doctor’s care. This is probably one of the most effective ways to cure substance addiction, where toxic chemicals in the body are extracted using precise medical methods. This treatment is necessary based on the level of addiction and type of drug used. Medical rehab centers usually advise the use of counseling and therapies.
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