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Gambling addiction treatment in Israel

Humanity have always been addicted to excitement.

Just like every other addiction, gambling also requires that a very crucial attention be paid to its addicts. Gambling has ruined many marriages for the obvious reason; it causes a very serious financial damage. It also affects a person physically that it causes undue emotional strain that may affect work and family. Gambling addiction is not to be taken lightly.

It is an addiction that can cause dire consequences that are not always easily mended. When you have an addiction, you need to remember to have a support team that is there to help you along the way. Surrounding yourself with people who support your addiction is never the best idea for you. Because gambling addiction is not a disease as drug addiction has come to be seen, it can be so specific that gambling therapy can work.

Gambling addiction treatment can effectively provide steps to quick recovery. Gambling addiction is defined as a person’s inability to restrain him/her self from gambling causing him/her to reap the consequences personally and sometimes professionally.

The first thing to acknowledge is, as with so many problems of addiction that no gambling addiction treatment works without the will behind it to change. If there is no genuine desire to alter things then the old habits are powerful and can take over. You will kid yourself that it might be a “one off” or that you are in control of your betting or gaming, but the reality is different.

One major gambling addiction treatment is the Gambling Anonymous which is a 12 step program to help compulsive gamblers to conquer addiction. This program requires that gamblers are made to realize that gambling has more adverse effects than its advantages.

During the program, they are made to reason out the ways in which it has destabilized their lives, as well as others related to them. If this approach does not really work, then addicts are detached from potential inspirational sources of gambling.

At Nika-Israel, we encourage addicts to indulge in alternative creative activities, thereby diverting their attention away from gambling. At Nika- Israel, we also provide family members with guidance in helping addicts come out of their predicament.  Contact us today at Nika- Israel and we assure you that after your meeting with us, you will continually recommend our services.

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