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Correct choice

Correct choice – treatment on the Promised Land. 

It is obvious that residential treatment of drug and alcohol addiction is of great success in Israel.

Separated from an ordinary, of bad influence environment, everyday stress the patient starts looking at the world in a different way.He gets an opportunity to overestimate its deeds, to set life goals. Many clients of rehabilitation centers only here start thinking on the results of their addiction and learn to make decisions and being in charge for their deeds. This total restart is encouraged by unique atmosphere in “Nika-Israel” center and its highly qualified and positive staff.

For many years treatment of such disease as drug and alcohol addiction has been on the highest world level in Israel. This can be said about Israel medicine as a whole. Strong contribution into the Israel narcology achievements is made by “Nika-Israel” as well.

During the existing period of the center we helped many patients to come back to sober life and leave in the past drug addiction. We effectively treat even the most severe cases of the disease.

Use of the modern equipment and innovative development is a distinctive feature of Israel medicine. Innovative methods in timely diagnostics are of a great attention in the country. Thanks to the newest medicine and modern research methods life level of Israel citizens is one of the highest in the world and lifetime is about 80 years.

Confidentiality, individual approach, comfortable services are the main principles of Israel medical centers.

The advantages of Israel medicine are indisputable. Among the main advantages there are:

  • Qualification of doctors is not doubtful. In Israel medical centers doctors are known worldwide
  • Additional comfort for Russian-speaking people: no language barrier
  • Price for the same medical service are much lower than for the same service in the countries of Western Europe and USA. Drug addiction treatment methods of Israel are considered to be the most progressive. It is explained by the following facts:
  • Modern medicine and innovative equipment for check-ups and successful treatment.
  • High standards of staff in a health care field.
  • Medical staff who gets its knowledge and practice worldwide do not stop improving during their practice.
  • Unique treatment methods and development of individual treatment programs to cope with drug and alcoholic addiction.
  • Based on the patients’ opinion in Israel they face the most humane attitude to the addicted people.

During the treatment course in Israel center patients have an opportunity not only to cope with addictions but also to make full check up with adequate price and recover the whole body.

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