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Medical tourism to Israel


Medical tourism to Israel – opportunities for foreigners.

Israel is known worldwide for its medical tourism and quality service.

When it comes to choosing a medical tourism destination for patients, Israel is a country that can offer much of quality services. Beginning with the medical quality and continuing to the culture and language factors, Israel is a very logical choice for most. When searching to minimize language barriers, patients will find that the majority of the physicians and medical staff working in Israel are fluent in English. In addition to this, it is very easy to locate specialists speaking Russian, French, and Arabic in Israel.

As to Israeli culture, there will hardly be any “cultural shock” issues as Israel has been nicknamed more than once “The 51st state of the USA”. And it is one of the most developed countries of the world where different diseases are treated.  Thanks to the facilities of different methods, modern medical equipment, highly-qualified doctors Israel became Mecca of medical tourism. Unfortunately, you can face a dishonest agent that’s why at Nika-Israel; we recommend that you contact the center directly to ensure safety from unskilled help and waste of money. At Nika-Israel you will get:

  • Service contract support;
  • Interpreter who will accompany you at all the stages;
  • Accompany service by the doctors from the residence place if needed;
  • Transfer from one medical center to another to make research, undergo medical tests and etc;
  • Technical and informational support any time;
  • Fast results of medical tests and research;
  • Adequate price with no overpayments and commission;
  • Treatment and rehabilitation in a unique, modern medical center in Israel.

Our patients also get a two-sided contract.

Service Contract

If you or your loved ones want to get rid of drug and alcohol addiction we suggest you sign a service contract and get the following advantages and service:

  • 24-hour medical supervision, informational and technical support;
  • Single time and regular consultations of narcologists, psychologists and psychotherapist
  • Ability to get treatment for all countries citizens, no exception. Now anybody can get highly-qualified medical service;
  • Use of only modern medicine, hi-tech equipment and devices;
  • Group and individual psychotherapy sessions;
  • Individual treatment programs based on the indications and contra indications;
  • Detoxification program based on the modern scientific methods;
  • Russian speaking doctors consultations that’s why communication is direct;
  • Residential stay in cozy rooms and home atmosphere lodgments, no hospital attribute;
  • Help during rehabilitation period with full support.

Apart from all these, our center offers agent’s service with other treatment centers in Israel. Our mission is to help people who seek help to overcome addiction in any part of the world. That’s why we make Israel’s medicine more accessible. Contact us today!

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